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Nowadays, we’re all selling.

Your most important stakeholders are probably your customers and you’ve got some pretty slick tools to communicate with them (including DialedIN).  But what about your employees, suppliers, advisors and others that have a stake in what you do? How are you selling your ideas to them?

Technology + People

DialedIN is a full-service “technology + people” platform that creates, distributes and tracks your Stakeholder Communications on your behalf, at a fraction of the cost and at a speed unmatched.

Utilizing DialedIN’s proprietary technology, our strategy and design team acts as an extension to your team to rapidly develop, execute and report on your Stakeholder communications.

Types of Stakeholder communications we’re talking about:


Event RSVP’s
CRM Integration
Sales Pitch Presentations

Corporate Communications

Brand Presentations
Event RSVP’s
CSR Publications
Crisis Communications
Philanthropy Reports
Executive Announcements
Media Relations Messaging

Internal Communications

Corporate Culture Handbooks
Employee Newsletters
Event RSVP’s

Government Relations

CSR Policies
Impact Reporting
Event RSVP’s

Finance & Investor Relations

Annual Reports
Interactive News Releases
Investor Kits
Board Minutes
Governance Documents


Process Documentation
Supplier Agreements
Knowledge Sharing
Environment Impact Reports
Health & Safety


Training quizzes
Feedback Forms
Training Manuals
Self-completion exercises
Training Presentations


Project Management Documents
Quality Standards
Development Roadmaps

Human Resources

On-boarding Communications
Workplace Guidelines
Safety Communications
Performance Evaluations
Employee Handbooks
Employment Contracts


Patent Documentation
Trade secret Agreements
Non-disclosure Agreements
Development Agreements
Asset Purchase Agreements

Our “Technology + People” Platform

Navigation Menu’s
Downloadable Docs
Video & Audio
Photo Galleries

We convert your current stakeholder content (PPT, PDF, etc.) to an interactive HTML format (email, web presentation) at a fast pace and more cost effective price than any digital agency.

Email Blast (CAN-SPAM Compliant)
iOS App Presentation
Email & CRM Integration

We schedule and conduct the email send of your new-look interactive content to your list of Stakeholder contacts, both internal & external, for your organization. We’ll also design your content for convenient in-person presentation on the iPad, with our free iOS App.

Email Status
Content Engagement Tracking
Real Time Notifications
Metrics Based Reporting

We track every email and every interaction that every Stakeholder has with your content, real-time. You’ll receive 100% customizable reporting that illuminates Stakeholders interest in your content for guaranteed improved performance on future content.

Our Process

Content and Contacts

Securely provide your content and contact list.


We’ll help you outline objectives for your content.


We’ll convert your content to an online format, upload lists and send reviews for your approval.


We perform the email send on your behalf.


We give you all reporting and insight on recipients engagement with your content.


We provide an in-person campaign debrief, leveraging the captured data to inform content for future campaigns.

Sample communication pieces built by DialedIN

White Paper

 Your Stakeholder Communications probably aren’t having the impact they could, meaning lost opportunity.

Download our White Paper to see why and what you can do about  it.


Airline Case Study

“This is the best communications tool we’ve been given in 5 years”

See Case Study

Financial Institution Case Study

“620 Man-Hours Saved.  Campaign prep time reduced by 87%”

See Case Study

The Team

Nick Abramovich
Nick AbramovichChief Executive Officer
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Grant Kreft
Grant KreftChief Revenue Officer
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Hamish Cook
Hamish CookVP of Product & Marketing
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Chris Woodward
Chris WoodwardChief Finance Officer
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Lauren Jack
Lauren JackDirector of Client & Creative Services
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Mark Miller
Mark MillerVP of Research & Development
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